The Plastic Problem – Our Dependence to Drowning in it..

It’s not my problem, It’s not your problem… It’s our problem! Anything out of moderation is sure to become hazardous...
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We need space its time we control population

Today, India is the second most populous country in the world, after China. As per the 2019 census, our country...
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Dance Season, Injuries and Tips to Avoid Them

With the ongoing festive season, Christmas and New Year parties, college annual socials and various wedding Sangeets , dancing is...
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Rising against the Hunger in India

According to a UNICEF report, 69% of deaths in children below 5 years is a result of malnutrition in India....
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Winter and Joint Pains – A Close Connection

People, especially in the old-age, commonly encounter the rise in the joint pain during the cold season. Patients facing severe...
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Sprains And Strains

“Doctor, I think I have sprained my ankle. Can it be a tear?“ “Doctor, my son carries a heavy school...
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Lose Weight and Keep Osteoarthritis In-Check

If you're having the occasional twinge of joint pain when you go for a walk or climb stairs, or you're...
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Vape a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. Truth or myth?

Suddenly everyone is talking about Vaping. There are so many articles on social and print media, the ill effects of...
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Right to freedom from pain

There are many reasons for the widening gap between pain treatment needs and what is delivered. Take for Arthritis, a...
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What is heel pain or plantar fascia, know for yourself

The plantar fascia is a thin ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot. It is a...
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