Sports injuries are the most common problem observed among athletes involved in different sports such as football, cricket, badminton, and more. Their repercussions can be short term or long term, depending upon the severity of the injury. Further, sports injuries can hamper an athlete’s career and may significantly impact their confidence.

Here are some common sports injuries observed in athletes from various sports:

Hamstring injury:
A hamstring injury can be classified into mild muscle pull, partial muscle tear, and complete muscle tear. The mild muscle pull can be cured in a few days, while the partial and complete muscle tear can take a few weeks or months to recover. The hamstring muscles are primarily used during jumping, climbing, and running. Most hamstring injuries can be treated at home by doing regular exercise. Warm-up before and the necessary stretches post-practice may help avoid such injuries.

Tennis Elbow:
Tennis Elbow is a type of sports injury which is mainly caused due to the repetitive movements of the wrists and arms. These movements can lead to excruciating pain in the forearm muscles outside the elbow. Tennis elbow is common in sports like tennis, badminton, cricket, etc., where the use of hand muscles is constant. One should consult a doctor or a physiotherapist for the treatment of the tennis elbow. In severe cases, it may lead to surgery.

Sprains are one of the most common sports injuries that damage the ligaments in our body. The types of sprains observed among athletes include ankle sprains, knee sprains, wrist sprains, and elbow sprains. Stretching before workout and regular warm-ups can help prevent sprains. In case of a ligament tear, it is highly recommended to consult the doctor and the person may require surgery.

Thus, sports injuries can last long if not treated properly. Hence, treatment for such injuries needs to commence before severe damage.

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