Stress can be caused due to various reasons in our everyday life. Sometimes, when accumulated, this stress may convert to chronic stress. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 450 million people have a mental illness, which will likely increase in the upcoming years. The numbers are alarming, and the need for awareness about mental health is more than ever.

Stress is considered one of the significant factors affecting our bone health. When we are experiencing stressful conditions such as fatigue, anxiety, etc., our body releases a stress hormone known as Cortisol. This hormone reduces bone density, and it may lead to Osteoporosis. In addition, when our body accumulates higher levels of Cortisol, it results in decreased calcium absorption, leading to further bone health problems.

People are also prone to stress-eating or have been known to consume less food than required for our everyday bodily functions. Both cases are not just harmful to our bones but to overall health, drastically.

What’s more? The taboo about mental health problems and the rigid dismissal of the ways to treat them worsens the situation of the person suffering from them over time. This also increases the side effects it has on our physical health simultaneously.

Certain practices, such as meditation, regular activity, taking time out for the things one loves, music, spending less time on social media and communicating with our friends and family, can be the stress-busters. It will also avoid the accumulation of stress, which may otherwise lead to bigger mental & physical health issues.

For people suffering from chronic stress, it is essential to seek help from their close ones or a professional without hesitation. Observe the change in your habits and willingness to do normal things. Act on them in time.

Also, if you are around a person who is stressed constantly or is suffering from certain mental health issues, reach out to them.

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