Stretching exercises do more than just help your body relax. They energize you, ensuring pain-free functioning of your body. Including some simple and effective stretches in your morning routine will keep your mind and body healthy in the long-term.

Following are some exercises you can start your day with:

  • Shoulder Stretch:

Entwine the fingers of both your hands, raise it high and stretch. You can bend your torso side-to-side to include your core and back into the exercise.

  • Child’s Pose:

Get on your all fours, with knees under your hips and palms under your shoulder. Slowly bend forward, sitting down on your heels and hands outstretched in front of you on the floor. Inhale and exhale while you hold the pose. This helps in stretching your hips, spine, thighs and pelvis while also relieving stress.

  • Downward Dog:

Again get on your all fours. Raise your hips high up while putting pressure on your hands. The entire pose may then look like a triangle. This stretch activates almost all parts of your body and is good for the core.

  • Warrior I:

From the downward dog pose, push your right foot forward with a bend in your knee to form a perfect 90° angle. The back leg should be straight. Now raise your hand slowly above your head and hold the position. Switch the legs once done. This stretch increases the focus of your mind and energizes the whole body.

  • Pelvic Bridge:

Sleep on your back with legs folded to bring your heels towards your hips. Slowly, raise your body upwards by putting pressure on your heels. Your body should appear to be in a straight line from your shoulder to the bended knees. This exercise is extremely good for your back, pelvis and core.

Various stretching exercises in Yoga and different forms of workouts activate your muscles. Start your day with the following morning stretches and don’t forget to inhale and exhale slowly through all the exercises!

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