A child’s mind is like a sponge that soaks up everything. A child’s body, however, is a cornerstone of building a healthy life. It is at this age that their bones start building up. It is very essential to ensure the strengthening and health of their bones. This lays down the pillars for optimum bone health all their life.

For girls, maximum of the bone mass is achieved by the age of 18. For boys, that range is 20. It is, therefore, necessary to aid the process of building healthy bones at an early age.

To help you ensure good bone health in your children, we have listed down some significant steps – most of them being widely known, but not rightly followed. 

  • Nutrition:

Plan a healthy diet for your kids. Include all kinds of bone-building nutrients like calcium, Vitamin D, A & K, Proteins, Magnesium and Zinc. 

  • Regular Activity:

Physical activity helps strengthen the bones in children. It also improves bone, muscle mass & health. Exercising or playing sports regularly also help them develop a habit at an early age which is helpful all through their lives.

  • Right postures:

Our body adapts to the postures we usually sit, walk and sleep in. This can be corrected essentially at an early age. Therefore, it is important you ensure your children perform everyday tasks in right postures.

  • Avoid Bone Loss:

Excessively salty food, caffeine are a few things that deteriorates the bone health. Make sure to avoid them in your kids’ diet. Also, keep them away from habits like smoking and drinking.

Good bone health at an early age goes a long way. It is the foundation of strong muscles and bones for a lifetime.

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