Pain is the reaction of your body to any injury. Pain related to fractures in your bones can be acute, sub-acute or chronic. In acute cases, one may feel the pain only before the cast holds your bones in place. In sub-acute, you may feel the pain throughout the healing process. Chronic cases, however, need lifelong care, as the pain may occur throughout your life, especially when the fractured part is exposed to cold environments.The fractured area in the cast has been immobile for a few weeks. It is natural to feel some discomfort in the bones & muscles around it. Slowly begin stretching exercises to bring it back to normal.The skin covered by the cast may also feel dry and flaky. Few days of warm water baths will soak it off. You may apply moisturizer if necessary, but make sure not to scrub the area for a few weeks as bones & tissues around it are still tender.Avoid heavy or risky activities which involve continuous pressure on the fractured parts of your body. Risky activities may lead to further injuries and with bone in the area still tender, the condition may result in something worse.Exercise and include basic stretching in your routine for at least twice a day.Keep the fractured area protected from cold as it may induce sudden pains. If the pain continues for several weeks after the taking off the cast, consult your doctor for further need of physical therapies to ensure complete recovery.

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