The pandemic has taken us all in its grasp and we need to be more careful about our health today more than ever. COVID 19 or Novel Coronavirus spreads quickly through masses and to avoid contracting the disease, there are a few simple precautions we should all follow.

We know that mask, social distancing and sanitization by frequently washing of hands is necessary. What are the additional precautions one can take for safety and immunity boosting?

1. Avoid going out in public if not necessary, as well as inviting guests in, for your safety.
2. Use separate hand towels, soaps, spoons and other common things at home.
3. Make a habit of drinking warm water, herbal teas, etc.
4. Dietary habits play an important role, so does regular activity. Low-carb foods, probiotics, fruits, vegetables and everyday workout strengthens your immunity.
5. Add anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting ingredients like ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, turmeric, etc., to your food.
6. Increase the intake of Vitamin C, D3 and Zinc.
7. Inhale steam at least once everyday.

Despite all the precautions, it is possible to contract Coronavirus. Under such situations, do not panic. Follow the care and medication schedule suggested by your doctor. For post-covid care, we have listed down 5 must dos:

1. Regular exercises and nutritional diet helps build the strength and immunity.
2. Take everything at your own pace. Get into your work, fitness and relaxation gradually, allowing your body sufficient time to rest.
3. Coronavirus is said to affect your memory cells. Work on your memory through solving puzzles, playing appropriate games & meditation.
4. Focus on your mental health as well. Isolation can be stressful for your mind. Take help without hesitation from your loved ones and let them be a part of your recovery.
5. Lastly, observe your body for signs of fatigue, breathlessness and any other difficulties. Consult your doctor for a proper post-covid routine in such scenarios. 

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