Our body has a way of telling us if some of its parts aren’t functioning adequately. The same holds true for muscles. Based on a study conducted in 2019, around 71% of Indians face the problems related to poor muscle health. If identified early, these problems can be reduced or even eliminated in most of the population. So, what are these signs?  Incorrect Posture With long hours spent sitting in front of the screen, many of us have developed bad posture. It is important to identify the alignment of our body while performing various everyday activities like sitting, sleeping, walking and more. This helps us correct our postures and improve our muscle health. It is also important to take breaks for stretching or just walking around every couple of hours during our work.   Inadequate Energy Having trouble in performing regular activities is a major red flag. The lack of energy in our body results from poor muscular health caused due to deficiency of nutrients.

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