Our lower back region, also known as the lumbar region, is highly susceptible to pain and injuries. It also carries the weight of our entire upper body and is involved in everyday mechanical activities of the body. Lower back pain is quite common in people from all age groups. It is essential to know how we can help prevent it with necessary changes in lifestyle. 

Lower back pain can be prevented with simple changes in our habits:


We realise the value of good health and fitness only after some parts of our body do not function as optimally as they should. Ensuring fitness can help avoid several forthcoming problems, especially in the case of lower back pain.

2 .An active life: 

Minimum of 30 minute workout everyday can go a long way in strengthening the bones and the muscles of your lower back.

3. Postures:

Be aware of the good and bad postures of your body. Keep the back straight while sitting. Walking or even exercising is a habit that holds many benefits in the future.

4. The right technique of lifting heavy objects:

Heavy objects should be lifted keeping our back straight and with a slight bend in the knees. Any other posture may lead to a major risk of lower back injuries.

5. Lose that extra weight:

As our lower back carries the entire weight of our upper body, any extra weight adds additional stress on the muscles and bones. Losing that extra weight may ensure optimum balance on not just the back but every part of the body.

Lower back pain can be tended to at home by complete rest, physical movemapplication of ice/heat pads. Although, in case of an injury or prolonged pain, it is necessary that you visit a doctor to avoid any further risks. Our body is a temple and we have to treat it like one – with extra care.

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