Sports and children are inseparable, whether at school, home or on the playground. And whynot?Because, by far, outdoor games and sports are the perfect engagement for children and youngadults to have fun while being fit. Sports help them to grow by pushing them to work as a team,celebrate wins and accept defeats, prioritise us before them, conquer physical and mentalhurdles, stay agile and be focused and determined.
However, along with the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual benefits, sprains, strains,joint dislocations, muscle spasms, ligament tears, fractures etc., are some of the most commoninjuries that happen while playing sports. These are magnified and more common in competitivesports such as football, cricket, boxing, baseball, softball, kho-kho, badminton and more. Bothchildren and parents no longer see sports as just fun to do after school or during the summer.Instead, they see it as something they must do every day to improve. 
It is not always easy in competitive sports to retain your cool when gunning for the big wins!Getting into the true spirit of the game can invite the risks of injuries and accidents for children.Dealing with such sports-related injuries cautiously is essential to ensure no futurerepercussions or health challenges. Parents must be careful because their children’s bones stillhave growth plates that respond differently to stress. Parents should ensure that their kids warmup properly, take breaks, wear the right gear, strengthen their muscles through regular practice,focus on emotional and mental fortitude, eat nutritiously, become more flexible, learn the propertechniques, take breaks to re-energize, and always play safe. 
Orthopaedic doctors and sports medicine practitioners are trained to care for athletes, fitnessprofessionals, and children and adults who like to stay active. Get expert advice for your sports-loving children today!

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