Do you wear sneakers while you work out, flip-flops at home, and fancy heels and shoes when you go out? Indeed, you are not alone in your urge to accessorise your outfit with a pair of footwear that also looks great with the rest of your ensemble. But are you paying attention to your feet and making sure they’re comfortable at the same time? The well-being of one’s feet is often overlooked due to several factors. The consequences of wearing inappropriate footwear may be more severe than you think. 

Wearing the wrong footwear is not just a matter of a few hours of discomfort; the cumulative effect can be detrimental to your spine, feet, and general well-being over time. Poorly designed shoes can cause chronic pain in the leg, heel, and lower back. Acute and long-term discomfort might result from footwear that does not give enough support, compresses the feet, offers very little protection, has rugged footbed/soles, or does not match the natural shape of the feet. When walking or running, it’s essential to protect your feet by wearing shoes that can reduce the impact of your movement.

Comfortable, well-fitting, and well-cushioned footwear is a must for healthy feet and a healthy you. Thus, select footwear that perfectly complements the type of activity you plan to engage in – walking, running, driving or standing, supports any underlying foot conditions and provides adequate protection for your feet and joints. It will make your body feel more pleasant and active and keep heel pain at bay. When buying footwear, keep these crucial tips in mind: measure your feet at the store, make sure your toes move freely inside, and ensure that the heel has good grip and support and the sole isn’t too stiff or rigid. Investing in a good pair of footwear goes a long way, literally! Always get comfortable and supportive footwear, not just stylish and cool. Heal your heel pain by trying a recommended footwear today!  

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