6 simple tips for working professionals to avoid back pain.

I have got your back! These reassuring words give so much confidence; however, do you know how important your back is? It is a beautiful combination of muscles, bones, joints and tissues all working together. Your back muscles act as the primary support for your trunk. They work together to help you to move the upper part of your body. You can twist, turn, bend, stretch, sit and stand up straight. They help support the spine and with breathing.

You might be a working professional and not into lifting heavy loads. That doesn’t mean you don’t abuse your back. Long sitting hours, slouching or slumping postures on the chair, lack of exercise, anxiety and stress can play havoc with your back muscles. We avoid rectifying trouble till it gets out of hand. Stiffness in the back muscles can cause back pain, spasms and excruciating pain.

Here are 6 simple tips for working professionals to avoid back pain – 

-Take frequent active short breaks and walk around a bit. Don’t stand in one place for a long time.

-Adjust your laptop or computer’s height to a comfortable level to avoid straining your neck. Get an adjustable ergonomic back support chair. The size of the chair should be such that it allows you to place both feet flat on the floor. Additionally, for extra support, you can place a small pillow, a rolled-up towel, or a lumbar roll in the small of your back. 

-Do simple stretching exercises, including forward, backward and side bending while at work, and roll your shoulders and neck.

-One of the most important things is being mindful of your posture and breathing. Sit straight, take full breaths to fill your lungs and exhale slowly. Do this periodically whenever you feel stressed out.

-Carve out time from your busy schedule to do some overall body exercises or yoga. Include exercises that work on your core and strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. 

-Be mindful of including optimum calcium and vitamin D in your intake in consultation with your doctor. 

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