We need space its time we control population

Today, India is the second most populous country in the world, after China. As per the 2019 census, our country accommodates about 1,352,642,280 people, i.e. our population is about 1.35 billion. The population growth rate is 1.13% and India is expected to be the world’s most populous country by 2024, surpassing China.

Why the figures? Well, if not the situation of the country, the facts will surely make you stop and think. Not only have we run out of space, but the resources as well. From shortage of food and water to the rising unemployment and economic hindrance, the continuously increasing population has driven it to extremes. People, if present in adequate numbers are an asset, but if the limit surpasses, they become a liability. That threshold has been crossed long back.

The standard of living and even the basic needs of people cannot be fulfilled unless there’s a balance between the population and the resources available. As the growth in population is way higher than the growth in resources in India, the issues we face increase everyday. The rates of poverty and unemployment are rising everyday and with it the burden of unemployed consumers. Moreover, the land available, per capita, is decreasing and the people are finding new and environmentally harmful ways to solve this problem.

What can we, as citizens, do? The first and foremost need is an educated population. Adequate education helps people understand the adverse effects of population rise. Inclusion of sex education and awareness of family planning and contraceptives, since the days of schooling, will make the future generation more responsible towards the issue. These are the small steps that can change the adverse conditions our country faces.

Together, we can change anything and everything, if we want to.

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