Surgery should be avoided during monsoon, Mystery Debunked

You must have often heard people say that surgeries during monsoon should be avoided because the humidity in the air disrupts the healing process and make the wound infectious. How much of this is true? Read along and find out for yourself.

Myth –

Surgery should be avoided during Monsoon.

Fact –

I am extremely amused and sometimes perturbed by the misconceptions about medical treatments. A very common question asked by a patient or relative is –

“Is it safe to get operated during the rainy season? Will my wound heal? Will it get infected due to the humid weather?“

It is logical to be anxious about this, considering the fact that many viral infections, allergies are on the rise during monsoon. But this is clearly attributed to the breeding of insects in damp and water clogged areas. The classical example is that of a Dengue Fever which is a viral infection spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.

But when we talk about post-surgical wound infections, none of this matters. It is proven beyond doubt in various published studies that there is absolutely no difference with the results or outcomes with regard to the weather or climate. Today the technology and medicines like antibiotics are so advanced that the seasons won’t make any difference to the results of the procedure. Any surgery can be performed as soon as it is indicated and when the patient feels handicapped in performing routine activities at work or even at leisure. Compromising the quality of life even for leisurely activities, travel or sports is not less than being disabled in one way. It is not advisable to wait or unnecessary delay and in fact, this can make surgery more difficult and prone to complications. Modern-day surgery of any kind can be performed successfully in any season including summers and the rainy season.

The time, day or season should not influence your decision in any way.

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