Right to freedom from pain

There are many reasons for the widening gap between pain treatment needs and what is delivered. Take for Arthritis, a debilitating condition which agonises the patient with extreme pain. It’s high time that we understand it. Read more on Arthritis here:

The Independence Day tomorrow brings to mind some basic fundamental freedoms and protections. As a doctor, I strongly feel that freedom from physical pain and suffering is the right of every patient. Pain is like constant exhaustion. It is exactly like you feel at the end of a heavy gym workout and imagine feeling like this all the time. And the saddest part is that pain is invisible. Many times it’s difficult for another person to comprehend it.

Arthritis can be a very painful and debilitating condition to live with. Anyone who has suffered from the disabling condition understands that arthritis can cause agonising pain. Some people who suffer from arthritis are unable to get out of bed when the flare-ups are at their worst, let alone manage to make it to work and function on a day-to-day basis. They miss out on their most favourite activities and are always sceptical about how their joints will behave on the very day that they have planned an outing, lunch or movie. They no more want to roam the markets or malls, which they once often did with so much freedom and of course hence miss out on the best window shopping experience which they once enjoyed. And then there are very precious moments of life – may it be the son’s or daughter’s wedding or the most awaited re-parenting with grandchildren.

The question is – why suffer?
The aim of any therapy in arthritis is two-fold. Firstly to alleviate the pain and suffering and secondly restore joint function. Treatment in arthritis involves the use of appropriate medicines which are specific to the type of arthritis. These not only act as painkillers but also reduce internal inflammation.

Physical therapy also is specific to the stage or type or your ailment and is aimed to improve muscle strength and reduce stress on the already diseased joint. Surgical treatment is chosen judiciously once the patient is evaluated clinically by the surgeon and he is convinced that any more delay may prove detrimental to the healing and restoration of the joint function.

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