Achy Joints and Rainy Weather, Mystery Debunked

Myths are always a topic of discussion. We are starting a Facts and Fiction Ortho series. To know if a certain joint pain related myth is true or not, stay tuned on our social media space to debunk myths you’ve believed in.

# Myth 1

Rainy weather is to be blamed for achy joints

Maybe your grandmother knew that a storm was coming when her knees started to hurt!

The notion that certain symptoms and weather go hand in hand has persisted since the Stone Age. It is fuelled by a combination of folklore and small studies that have yielded mixed results.

However, researchers have debunked this belief endured for centuries and have proven in large analytical studies using data on millions of arthritic patients that there is no link between rainfall and joint disease.

Yes, an increase in humidity and lowering of barometric pressure causes some muscle stiffness causing exacerbated pain in arthritic patients. Some of this can be also attributed to decreased physical activity during monsoons.

People who are otherwise healthy may link a newly developed joint pain or swelling with weather changes and may self medicate. With this belief, they may miss or overlook a true problem.

Always remember that knowing the real cause of any symptom is the beginning of a long term solution.

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